Additive Manufacturing
Innovation and Best Practices

Additive manufacturing and food: science fiction or untapped business opportunity?

Can Additive Manufacturing (or “AM”) be used to create a taste sensation? To find out, some food & beverage companies have been experimenting with “printing” food. But is it just a novelty or can AM actually create new business opportunities for food companies? Additive Manufacturing has been one of the hottest topics in manufacturing over […]

manufacturing predictions for 2017
Global Manufacturing, Product Identification Technologies

Experts share their manufacturing predictions for 2017

How does 2017 look for manufacturers? We decided the best way to find out is going straight to the experts. We asked Janette Woodhouse, editor of What’s New in Food Technology & Manufacturing and Prepared Food; Matthew Treeby, Commercial Marketing Manager – South Pacific at Rockwell Automation; and our own General Manager, Mark Dingley, to […]

seasonal packaging
Innovation and Best Practices

Is seasonal packaging a waste of time?

Christmas is just around the corner and supermarket shelves are inevitably turning shades of red and green as brands switch to seasonal packaging. It seems like only yesterday we said goodbye to the vibrant orange packaging of Halloween. It might make for an eye-catching supermarket aisle but do consumers really want special seasonal packaging? Does […]

personalised packaging
Product Identification Technologies, Trends in Identification

Personalised packaging reaches beyond a first name basis with customers

Ever since Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, adding customers’ names to packaging has been the go-to strategy for customer engagement and driving sales. But three years on, it’s time to go beyond consumers’ first names and leverage digital technology to truly get closer to your customers. The benefits of personalised packaging are clear: according to […]

Industry 4.0
Global Manufacturing, Innovation and Best Practices, Lean Manufacturing & OEE, Product Identification Technologies

What you need to know about Industry 4.0

The idea of Industry 4.0 has been hovering over the Australian manufacturing industry for a few years now, but what does it mean for manufacturers and why should you take notice? Here, we answer some common questions about Industry 4.0.   It’s a term that makes some manufacturers shudder with fear and others with anticipation. […]

2D codes
Product Identification Technologies

Datamatrix and QR codes: why 2D codes are still relevant in 2016

The business world has changed since the introduction of Datamatrix and QR codes all those years ago. Where it was once a novelty to use these small black-and-white squares, some are now arguing that their time has passed. In reality, the opposite is true. Our improved understanding of two-dimensional codes, or 2D codes, in 2016 […]

disruptive innovation
Global Manufacturing, Innovation and Best Practices

3 brilliant lessons every food & beverage company can learn from Tesla

Brand innovation and disruption are exploding. News feeds are filled with stories of emerging brands re-imagining nearly every product and service category. However, when it comes to innovation in the Australian food & beverage industry, everything is eerily quiet. Yet food & beverage brand owners need to innovate; it’s an essential driver in helping companies […]

use-by date best-before date
Product Identification Technologies

Use-by vs best-before: your essential guide to date codes

Date codes are critical for food and beverage suppliers, with harsh penalties if you don’t comply. But which date code should you be using: best before or use-by? Our experts have the answers.  The intention behind date coding is a simple matter of health and safety. A use-by or best-before date gives consumers a guide […]