big changes in 2016 for the manufacturing industry
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What’s coming in 2016? Experts predict big changes in 2016 for the manufacturing industry

2016 will be the year of robotics, big data, automation and serialisation, say industry experts. The manufacturing industry is transforming before our eyes. Fuelled by rapid globalisation, changes in customer expectations and the digitisation of practically everything, manufacturing has faced some big challenges and even bigger opportunities over the past few years. Technology is evolving […]

manufacturing stories that shaped 2015
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Year in review: manufacturing stories that shaped 2015

As 2015 draws to a rapid close, what better time to rewind and reflect on the year that’s been? Here, we look back on those manufacturing stories that shaped 2015 and the lessons we’ve learnt. Nanna’s berries recall In February, Australian frozen fruit company Patties Foods was embroiled in a hepatitis A (HAV) outbreak. At […]

National Family Business Day
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From tiny acorns to mighty oaks: the secret to building a successful family business

With National Family Business Day on 19 September 2015, it’s the perfect time to ask: what are the secrets of success in a family business? As Matthews is a family-owned business, here are some of our insights. What does your local café have in common with Haigh’s Chocolates, Maggie Beer, Taylors Wines, Coopers Brewery or […]

labelling trends food & beverage manufacturers
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3 labelling trends food & beverage manufacturers need to know

Are you ready for the future of labelling? Consumer needs are changing faster than ever. So it’s never been more important for food & beverage manufacturers to stay alert and ahead of the game. Here are three labelling trends food & beverage manufacturers in Australia need to know: Trend #1: Clean labelling “Clean” is the new […]

Beverage Trends
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5 beverage trends you need to know

What’s really going on in the beverage market today? Here, we explore the major trends across soft drinks, juice, beer, wine, bottled water and beyond. Soft drinks slowing down The Australian soft-drink market needs a shakeup. On the surface, it seems that new companies are entering the scene, but Roy Morgan Research shows that Coca […]

Asian export growth
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7 steps for small business to get ready for Asian export growth

At AUSPACK 2015, it was clear that export to Asia is a major trend for Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses. For food and beverage manufacturers especially, getting products onto supermarket shelves is highly competitive and, even when successful, may not always be the most profitable option. So how can SMEs get ready to tap into […]

Australian Made
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Game, set, match: How ‘Australian Made’ can give your business the advantage

Recognise this logo? Of course you do; the “Australian Made Australian Grown” (AMAG) logo has been around for almost 30 years. Today it’s used by more than 2,000 companies on more than 10,000 products sold in Australia and around the globe. The concept behind Australian Made is simple yet powerful. It is designed to help […]

2014 AFGC's state of the industry report
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AFGC’s State of the Industry Report 2014: what does it mean?

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) recently released its annual “State of the Industry Report”. Here we strip it back to reveal the seven key facts you need to know. The report’s sixth edition focuses on five key issues in the food and beverage manufacturing industry: turnover, employment, international trade, capital expenditure, and research […]