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Tracking timber in the supply chain — Part 2

The illegal timber trade is not a small problem. As we looked at last time, the World Bank estimates global illegal logging is worth $10-$15 billion annually. Much of that is in Australia’s backyard. The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates illegal logging in Indonesia represents 73% of log production! While it’s 80% […]

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Tracking timber in the supply chain — is it possible?

We track all sorts of products through the supply chain — jam, shampoo, yoghurt, pet food… but what about timber? Of course, some timber products are already coded when they’re processed in the mill, but what about going back to the forest? Can we barcode forests? (This is not as silly as it sounds, and is […]

what if all barcodes were replaced by RFID
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Part 1: What if all barcodes were replaced by RFID?

We live in a data-driven world. Data fuels businesses the world over, and its significance and value is growing. Firms must capture and refine a vast mine of information to ensure better decision making. After all, good data means good business. In part one of this two-part series, we answer the big RFID questions.   In […]

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Coding and labelling: decoding the rules for fresh produce, Part 1

In the first of this two-part series, we focus on demystifying the labelling rules for fresh produce. What’s mandatory? What’s not? What do retailers want? It’s tough keeping up with food labelling and coding regulations. And it’s tougher still trying to work out which of these regulations applies to the fresh produce industry. Several things […]

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New technologies in coding drive success at Auspack PLUS 2013

There is always such a big build up to the biennial Auspack PLUS, then the huge amount of effort that goes into the show, that it’s nice to reflect on it all after the breathing space of a month or so. So what worked? And what was popular? Well, new technologies in coding and labelling, […]

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The importance of traceability in your supply chain

By guest author, Danielle Bowling, editor of Food Magazine*   Traceability takes centre stage in an organisation’s supply chain Last year, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) provided updated information for Australian food businesses regarding food-product traceability and product-recall obligations in the supply chain. It’s important that all food and beverage suppliers understand their obligations in these two […]