food waste
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How the world is tackling food waste

Fact: Food waste is a huge global issue. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, 28% of the world’s agriculture area is used to produce food that ultimately goes to waste each year. In fact, The Guardian reports that nearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year — which is more […]

top trends in coding and labelling of 2016
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What we saw in the coding and labelling world in 2016

Between Trump’s shock election in the USA, Brexit, and Australia’s fifth straight Test defeat, 2016 has been a year to remember. But while all this was happening, what was going on in the coding and labelling world? Changes and advancements in the coding and labelling field are accelerating, and it can be hard to keep […]

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Can crowdfunding help your business grow?

A book (with a difference, see below) written by Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn, a “customisable gourmet salt collection”, and a “cocktail party in a box” are just three of the dozens and dozens of recent successful products launched with the support of crowdfunding. Like a new rock star announcing their presence on the world stage, […]

counterfeiting in fresh produce
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Is your brand being sold in other markets – and you don’t even know?

Have you heard the one about the Australian farmer who found out his Wagyu beef product was being sold in China as a cheaper cut? Unfortunately, it’s true. In late 2014, Victorian producer David Blackmore, of Blackmore Wagyu Beef, found out his premium product was being undermined in China by counterfeit products. Blackmore, who had […]

how Millennials are changing packaging
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How Millennials are forever changing the face of packaging

Millennials like to cook and spend big, according to the latest research by Tetra Pak. So what does this mean for brands and their packaging? If there’s one question looming over brands today, it’s “How can we reach the Millennial market?” Not only are they the largest generation by population size, but Millennials — previously […]

how wine makers can beat the counterfeiters
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How wine makers can beat the counterfeiters

Counterfeiting is a global issue and has been for many years; especially in the wine industry. But advances in technology have given counterfeiters the ability to make ever-more-convincing counterfeit goods. Fast. The Australian wine industry, among others, is a victim of counterfeit goods — especially with the growing Asian market for high-end Australian produce. Just […]

2015's triumphant brands
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2015’s triumphant brands & the lessons you can learn

Think you know how to connect your brand with customers? In a world that’s more competitive than ever, it’s no surprise that 2015 was full of brands pushing the boundaries to really stand out and connect with consumers. In our round-up of 2015’s triumphant brands, we’ve skirted around the perennial performers – Apple, Facebook and […]

supply chain changes
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GS1’s Supply Chain Week: the best bits, bits you missed & things you need to know

Noticed a lot of out-of-office replies in your inbox over the past two weeks? There a good chance your business contacts were absorbed in GS1 Australia’s Supply Chain Week 2015, one of the industry’s largest and most anticipated annual conferences. GS1 Australia’s Supply Chain Week is an annual event that brings various sectors together to […]