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Message on a bottle: how a fast-growing water bottler fixed its coding

Wet Fix is natural spring water company, based at Staplyton on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The fast-growing operation has its own Mountain Dew label (using deep-spring water from Mount Tamborine), which it mainly sells to distributors. However, the bulk of its business is contract packing — servicing 200-plus customised labels. But while business was booming, the faint […]

labelling and barcoding on food
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Labelling and barcoding: the BIG challenges facing food + liquor industries

From star-rating systems to Australia-made symbols, and trusted data to recalls, food labelling and barcoding has been hitting the headlines over the past few months. But for the industry, what does all this really mean? Are there bigger challenges ahead? I sat down with Andrew Steele, GS1 Australia’s Industry Manager, for a coffee recently, and […]