Leasing product ID equipment
Innovation and Best Practices

Leasing product ID equipment is a great small business option to keep technology current

Operational and product innovation are two keys for manufacturers to remain competitive. For small business, this focus must be even sharper. Last month we looked at the operational side, at internally optimising your processes and equipment, and we saw how optimising your cost and efficiency improves your bottom line. Late last year we also looked […]

Shelf-friendly packaging
Innovation and Best Practices

Working out best board grades for shelf-friendly packaging (SFP)

By guest author, Ron Mines FAIP* Last year I participated in a training day at Woolworths Minchinbury DC (in Sydney), facilitated by IDG, the Australian Institute of Packaging AIP and Woolworths. The previous day, most of the trainees had gone to a Woolworths supermarket to see how shelf-friendly packaging (SFP) was being used in the […]