benefits of LPAs
Product Identification Technologies

Technology Review: Label Printer Applicators (LPAs)

In a world where time is money, it’s no wonder more manufacturers and processors are looking to automate their labelling with Label Printer Applicators (LPAs). Today, LPAs are more reliable and efficient than ever. Ongoing advances in technology have led to rugged, high-performing workhorses that are the smart choice in even the most demanding environments. […]

how Millennials are changing packaging
Innovation and Best Practices

How Millennials are forever changing the face of packaging

Millennials like to cook and spend big, according to the latest research by Tetra Pak. So what does this mean for brands and their packaging? If there’s one question looming over brands today, it’s “How can we reach the Millennial market?” Not only are they the largest generation by population size, but Millennials — previously […]