counterfeiting in fresh produce
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Is your brand being sold in other markets – and you don’t even know?

Have you heard the one about the Australian farmer who found out his Wagyu beef product was being sold in China as a cheaper cut? Unfortunately, it’s true. In late 2014, Victorian producer David Blackmore, of Blackmore Wagyu Beef, found out his premium product was being undermined in China by counterfeit products. Blackmore, who had […]

shelf-ready packaging (SRP)
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Your essential guide to creating shelf-ready packaging (SRP) retailers and consumers will love

Ever since its introduction in the UK and Europe in 2005, shelf-ready packaging (SRP) — also sometimes interchangeably called “retail-ready packaging or RRP” — has been growing steadily. Ten years on, Australian retailers realise the many benefits that SRP provides their business — from better on-shelf availability through to better stock rotation, faster shelf replenishment […]