X-ray inspection
Automation & Process Control

7 reasons why your business needs an X-ray inspection system

If your business can’t afford foreign contaminants in your products, then the chances are high that you need an X-ray product inspection machine. Predominantly, the food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging industries rely on these high-tech, yet surprisingly affordable, machines to detect potentially harmful foreign contaminants along the production lines. But they are also essential equipment […]

packaging line integration
Automation & Process Control, Product Identification Technologies

How to get started with packaging line integration

Ready to integrate your packaging line to improve efficiency, output and uptime? Get started with these top 5 tips. It’s no secret that integrating your packaging line delivers tangible advantages — a more streamlined operation, real-time reporting and visibility, added security, and eliminating coding and labelling errors, to name but a few. So once you’ve […]

ROI of your checkweigher
Lean Manufacturing & OEE

How to calculate the ROI of your checkweigher

Worried about wasting profits? Here’s how as a manufacturer, you can calculate the ROI of your checkweigher to help maximise the bang for your buck. We’ve previously discussed the benefits of lean manufacturing and how to boost your business’s operational efficiency and competitiveness. But there’s one very obvious way to reduce waste on the production […]

next-generation robots are transforming manufacturing
Innovation and Best Practices

How next-generation robots are transforming manufacturing

Next-generation robots are transforming manufacturing as we know it. Here’s how. Ever since General Motors deployed the Unimate robot in its factories in 1961, robots in manufacturing have tended to be large, unyielding machines, typically limited to one task. Unimate had its advantages — it was versatile (for its time) and could do tasks that […]