Shutting up shop for the festive season? Just before you go…

Christmas coding equipment shutdown tips

 By guest author, Mario Soccio*

Continued advances in design and build quality mean Matthews’ coding and marking equipment has easy shut-down and start-up procedures. This includes extended shutdowns — such as holidays.

Before you shut the factory doors this festive season, there are just a couple of things to do.

Here’s a list of reminders. It’s short because ease of operation and low running costs have driven many advancements in Matthews’ technology.

1. Preparing to leave…

While in most cases the process for an extended shutdown is similar to a daily power down — and there’s no extra maintenance to do — it does offer the opportunity to make sure everything is in working order: for instance it’s a great time to clean your print-heads and rollers, and check rollers for wear.

a) Linx continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers self-clean after you press the red stop button. After this, simply wash down the printhead.

b) For Matthews DOD systems, a printhead flush with solvent is recommended.

c) For labelling units, the start of an extended shutdown period is an ideal opportunity to clean the rollers and printhead, ensuring your equipment is ready for a problem-free start up.

d) For laser units, turn off the laser and extraction unit.


2. Walking out the door…

This is also a good time to make sure you have enough supplies of inks, solvents, labels and any other consumables, so when you press “start” after the holidays you know your factory can get straight back in swing of production and won’t be held up by non-core activities.

Or, set up a consumable support plan. This means you have the right inventory when you need it, reducing your annual expenditure on consumables and saving admin time and cost from frequent reordering.

And if you’ve been thinking about a planned maintenance program, now is also the time to set one up. Preventative maintenance is much cheaper than a breakdown and productivity losses, and scheduled servicing is the most cost-effective way to reduce the long-term cost of equipment operation, helping improve your bottom line.

If you have any questions regarding shutting down or starting up your coding and labelling equipment, or want to inquire about a planned maintenance program or consumable support plan, please contact us. You can also find some good information on total productive maintenance here.

About the author:

* Mario Soccio is Matthews’ National Technical Service Manager. He has been responsible for implementing a 97% first-time fix-it rate (which customers love) and a fully digital central service management system, that’s sped up response times, facilitated a well-stocked inventory and improved customer service (which customers also love).

Christmas coding equipment shutdown tips


by Guest Author

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