Laser vs. Inkjet Coding

Two coding technologies for product ID applications

Laser vs Inkjet Coding Whitepaper

A comparison of popular technology types: which is best suited for your application?

Comparing inkjet and laser technologies is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, in that both perform a similar end result, yet one could never completely do the job of the other. Inkjet is an established technology, with a correspondingly mature market. Laser is by no means new technology, but rapid improvements and a reduction in capital cost, have cast open the applications for which it’s suited.

When comparing these technologies, the best approach is to evaluate if the technology will meet the application and what the total cost of ownership should be over five to seven years.

Key facts include:

  • inkjet changes are incremental, but steady
  • rapid advancements have widened laser applications
  • lasers can now mark clear, legible bar codes
  • neither technology will fully replace the other
  • the challenge is to optimise all variables for each application

This paper compares and contrasts the two technologies, looking at ideal applications for both.

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