The Ultimate Guide To Coding and Labelling

A guide for better efficiency on the production line.

Ultimate Guide to Coding and Labelling

It pays to understand the types of coding and labelling technologies and how they will benefit your business, now and into the future.

The demands of a label and code are ever changing. Where once brand owners solely looked to codes for product identification, now they are being used to fight counterfeiters and build trust with consumers. Where labels were used for marketing and promotions, now they carry a treasure-trove of information as laid down by industry and retailer standards.

At the same time, coding and labelling technology has been subject to the ongoing drive for better efficiency on the production line. Just like other packaging and processing machinery, coders and labellers are being scrutinised for their ability to maximise productivity, reduce operational costs, improve business growth and ultimately create a lean organisation

Your Ultimate Guide to Coding and Labelling will help you learn:

  • Why you need coding and labelling technology
  • Trends in coding and labelling
  • The codes every manufacturer should know
  • Types of coding and labelling technology
  • How to choose the right coding and labelling technology
  • Tips to optimise your equipment
  • And much more

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